Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Flowers

 Growing up one of my favorite moments with my mother was shopping for flowers in the spring and early summer.  We would pick out flowers of all colors, checking to see if they thrive in sun or shade.  Then after we would get them home, we would plan out where we would place each flower in the yard, before digging small holes in the earth, filling them with bright flowers.
 We always plant marigolds.  They are bright and sturdy.  As a child I could pick one or two and play with them all day before they would wilt and get flimsy. They also keep bugs away from other plants, so we always place them around our tomato and pepper plants.
Even though we got started late this year, it's still nice to have some color in the backyard.  What flowers do you usually plant?


  1. No comment about the Nicole Lily?!?!

    I love Iris', roses, daisies, peonies, etc etc etc


  2. Hey Manda,
    I hadn't gotten around to photographing the Nicole Lily yet :) But soon, very soon!


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