Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girly = Intimidating?

Summer Skirts and Dresses

Summer Skirts and Dresses

Read this article.  According to this blogger, women are becoming more girly (wearing dresses, skirts, baking, etc...) because they want to seem less intimidating and more attractive to men. Is that why we do it, ladies?

Here was the response by one of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky

 *More on this topic later*

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  1. I read that article! I really disagreed with everything she said [to a certain degree], but it was thought provoking nonetheless. Thanks for stopping by my blog [I finally have time to search through old comments]! I love hearing from new readers. :] Your blog is cute!

  2. I thought I made a comment but I must not have confirmed it.

    1. I dress girly because I feel really good when I do it and it is super comfortable.

    2. Those were both VERY good and VERY interesting blogs. Not that I really agree with the first much, especially since she was so verbal and swearing about it, i don't really get that. Otherwise awesome second blog.

    ANNNND Feel better soon! :)


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