Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Settling In

 I have taken some time to really work on unpacking and settling into my new home. Now that my room is unpacked and set up, I feel a lot better, like I can finally put more effort towards my school work and hopefully have some time to  paint and sew a little.
So far, my summer has been wonderful! 

I hope that it has been the start of a wonderful week to all of you too!


  1. The pile of squares makes me just want to pick them up and smell them and throw them in the air and let them rain down all over me and all over everywhere.

    I may be spending too much time in your home with your mom...

    I am TOTALLY not complaining. :D

  2. Ha ha! We have been putting blocks together A LOT lately!

    But it's so much fun :)


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