Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Want to Order Some Eggs?

We are still taking orders for ceramic Easter Eggs!  Please send orders to!
Because of the massive requests we've had for eggs in the last couple days, we've decided to create a new system for ordering.  You can order in THREE ways!

Please send your orders to

1) Customize Your Eggs- you can choose both the pattern and color of each eggs.  You can also personalize them with names. You can order as many, or as few, as you would like!
Here are the patterns we have:
 (From Left to Right) Scattered Daisies, Central Flower, Scattered Tulips

(From Left to Right) Vines, Tulip Lines, Dots

Along with six designs, we also have seven (7) colors to choose from!  The colors shown above: purple, orange, blue, yellow, teal, pink.  We also have a light green, which is shown the sets below.

Here's how an order would look:

Hello, I would like 6 eggs:

1 pink dots
1 teal tulip lines
1 yellow vines
1 blue scattered tulips
1 orange central flower
1 purple scattered daisies

With custom orders, you can also personalize them with names.  Here's how an order would look:

Hello, I would like 6 eggs with the names:
Dave - green
Pat - purple
Ben - orange
Nicole - pink
Bill - blue
Charlie - yellow

Personalized eggs, we will add small decorations to make it look festive and pretty!

You can order a combination of names and patterns, just please be specific about your wants!  Be sure to include the color to each egg as well!

2) Order a Set - Here are a few sets we have done in the past.  If you want a more simple way of ordering, just choose 1 or more of the sets below.  All sets consist of six (6) eggs;  One of each color (expect for teal and green, there will be one or the other) and one of each pattern.

Here are the sets to order from:
SET 4 (below)
 SET 5 (below)
 SET 6 (below)
 SET 7 (below)
 SET 8 (below)
 SET 9 (below)

Here's how an order would look:

I would like to order set 5 and set 8.

3) Variety Set - Here's the easiest way to order!  Let us do the work of picking  the eggs for you!  We will include one of each color and one of each pattern.  Of course, since we have teal and green, we usually only put one in a set.  Please specify if you would prefer one or the other. Then wait for your surprise!

Here's how an order would look:

I would like a variety of 2 dozen eggs!

Other Information
-Feel free to mix and match the different ways of ordering. If you would like Set 5 and Set 6, plus three personalized eggs with names, we will accommodate you!
-All paint colors are mixed by hand.  Each set is unique and may differ slightly from the sets you see online.
-All of our orders are proccessed through  You will need to create an account.  It is a wonderful website and super easy to use.
-We only accept PayPal. PayPal is a super easy and safe way to pay online!  If for some reason, you cannot pay with Paypal, contact us an we will do our best to find a solution.

After you order... 
-We will create a listing for you on our Etsy site.  You will be emailed the link to your listing, so it is easy to find!
-Pay for the listing.  Make sure that your address is up-to-date in your Etsy/PayPal account.
-Your eggs will be shipped as soon as possible.  We will email you when they have been shipped! 
-Lastly, when you have received your eggs, please give us some feedback!  We would love to know what you think!

It costs $2.50 per egg plus shipping! 50 cents extra for personalization! A set of six eggs with design costs $15.00. The costs will be listed in the Etsy listing online after you order.  We've decided to set a flat rate for shipping, as $8.00.  If you order more than a dozen eggs it will be increased slightly. After receiving your order, we will email you with the listing link and the cost!

Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns!  You can contact us at

Thank You!
-Pat and Nicole
*Yellow Cat Studio

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  1. very cute! they look like they are alot of work!


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