Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall is coming!

Hello All,
We have been busy creating items for the season. What is your favorite part of fall? Halloween, autumn or thanksgiving. I love them all. We just listed a set of fun loving ghosts to etsy.  I love painting with the fall colors, they are my natural color pallet. As Nicole would say, they are Mom colors. I have a few more Halloween and fall items up my costume sleeve, so stop back and see us again.



  1. The fall is my favorite as well! :) I am so happy it is back... My favorite colors are all the fall colors! :)

    It's Ben's favorite as well... guess what season the wedding will be in!?

  2. Amanda,
    I wanted a fall wedding,but college got in the way. Oh well. Have you set a date? Pat

  3. October 20, 2011... We need to come over soon ... I can't believe I haven't seen you since Ben proposed!

  4. October... sometime... in 2012... LOL is what I should say...

    1. DEFINITELY NOT 2011
    2. No definite date yet (Cuz we just talked about changing it ... )
    3. DEFINITELY fall
    4. Most likely October. :)


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