Monday, May 23, 2011

And Life Goes On..

 As often as you would hate to say it, you make mistakes.  Whether it has to do with relationships or just life in general.  Things happen, and as they happen, you deal with them.  You take them one at a time, find the best possible solution, and move forward. 
 The decisions I have made in the past six months of my life have without a doubt altered my future, as they should.  We are products of our decisions, products of our words, products of our thoughts and feelings.  We are who we are because of the way we live.
I have come to the conclusion that life is not what it's made up to be.  It's much harder.  But with that being said, I am strong.  I will make my life beautiful, regardless of those who try to bring me down (and honestly, the person who brings me down the most is myself). 
I only wanted to share this because I want the world to know that I'm done with all of the things and people that don't add happiness or beauty to my life.  I'm moving forward into a new section, a new chapter - if you would prefer to say, and it's going to be great.

Thank you to all my friends and family who read this.  Thank you everyone who doesn't know me personally, but understand and support my words.

I will be posting much more in the future.  But right now, I need to grab a latte and pack up my apartment.


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