Wednesday, March 16, 2011

*Lovely Custom Easter Egg Order*

Last week, Pat (my wonderfully creative mother) created our first custom set of Hand-Painted Ceramic Easter Eggs of the season!  We love creating custom sets!  Andrea was great to work with and very clear about what she wanted!

Custom sets of Ceramic Easter Eggs can be ordered in any quantity!  It only costs $2.00 per egg! Just let us know what colors and patterns you would like. 

*Have a beautiful day!*


  1. I can't find where or how to order the ceramic Easter eggs.

  2. So where can I order these beautiful eggs? I went to Etsy and did not find them there.
    Diane Steele

  3. Hello!
    All of our pre-made sets have sold out! We are accepting orders. Just shoot us a quick email (!

    We are still taking orders, but they will not arrive before Easter!

    Thanks everyone!
    Nicole and Pat

  4. These eggs ar so beautiful. Are they edible?

  5. Please make more sets ahead of time for next year, as I just saw these and found out it's too late to get them. I have a few ceramic eggs that I made many years ago and they truely do last and last.

  6. Hello Anthony,
    They are not edible. They are a ceramic egg painted with acrylic paints!

    We will definitely make more sets early next year! We didn't know they would be such a hit! We are taking orders if you would like a set. They won't be there by Easter, but shortly after!

    Just send us an email!

  7. how much are your sets of ceramic eggs?

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for stopping by. Our eggs 14.00 for a set of six eggs. For a set of 6 personalized egg they are 17.00. We can do sets of how many you need. I had set this year anywhere from 7 to 24. They come out to 2.35 per egg for customized. The shipping is 7.50 for the set of six. To see the different styles we have it on our blog under the 2012 archive. We have 5 sets still listed on our Etsy sight if you would like to check that out. Any other Questions, Just let us know. Thanks!
      Pat & Nicole


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